Friday, 21 November 2014

The Ultimate Sourdough Toastie

There are too many words I want to put in the title of this one. Cheesy. Crispy. Toastie. Sourdough. Bacon. Crispy cheesy grilled toasted sandwich with avocado, bacon, mozzarella and SO MUCH DELICIOUSNESS. I have a feeling people might be intimidated. 

This is what happens when I get over excited about a sandwich (yes it happens more regularly than you might think). That old Saturday morning inner monologue. 'Hmm hungry. Man is also hungry. Brunch. What do I have in the fridge? Good I have bacon. Oh my I have mozzarella. Is that an avocado? Parmesan? Cheddar!! (starting to hyperventilate here).' It wasn't even planned. The cheese just kept coming. The crispyness developing. The mouth watering. All involved salivating. 

No need to panic about brunch this weekend. Or even breakfast. Yes I'd have it for supper too. It is as tasty as it looks. Need I say more?

Toasted Sandwich with Bacon, Avocado & Mozzarella

Quantities: 2 large sandwiches

Timings: 15-20 minutes

Kitchen Stuff: 1 large, one medium non-stick frying pan, spatula, toaster (yup that's it)

1 avocado
30g butter (room temperature)
6-8 slices of bacon, 
1 ball buffalo mozzarella
4 large sourdough slices (Waitrose sliced sourdough is brilliant)
75g parmesan, finely grated (more or less if you wish)
100g mature cheddar, finely grated (more or less if you wish)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper


1. CRISPIFY your bacon. In a non-stick pan fry your bacon gently until very crispy. Once crisp, remove from the pan onto some kitchen towel and pat the bacon to soak up any excess fat.

2. TOAST the sourdough lightly (more overly warm bread here than proper dark toasted toast.)

3. SLICE avocado and mozzarella. Best to halve the avocado, carefully remove the pip, slice each half lengthways (still in its skin) then with a large tablespoon, scoop it out the slices and voila.

4. SMUSH your butter with a heaped teaspoon of finely grated cheddar until incorporated.  Butter one side of each toast slice. 

5. HEAT a large non-stick pan on a medium heat and pop in the bottom layer of the sandwich, butter face down. Have a clean plate on the side next to your pan for later.

6. BUILD IT. Carefully but speedily build your sandwich on top of the bread slice in the pan (adding cripsy bacon, mozzarella and avocado - season with some black pepper and a pinch of sea salt) and finally the second sourdough slice, butter side up.

7. GET IT GOLDEN. Press the sandwiches down with your spatula and then carefully flip the sandwich over. The top should be lightly golden. Leave the bottom side to golden itself for a minute or two (careful not to burn or overcook).

8. CRISPY CHEESE: Leaving the heat on, lift the sandwiches carefully out of the pan onto a plate. Grate a thin layer of parmesan and cheddar into the hot pan and let it bubble for a few seconds. Once the cheese is melty and bubbling, pop your sandwiches back into the pan on top of the cheese. Press down with your spatula a bit and then repeat with the other side.

9. FLIPPIT: Continue flipping as necessary until the outside of the sandwich is very crispy and golden, and the mozzarella inside is melting. 

10. EAT: Take the sandwiches out of the pan and leave for a moment or two before slicing in half and serving. With napkins.